GID22 Presenter Slides

Conference Presenters:

Suzanne Walker – Quick Guide and Helpful Resources to Homeschooling in Indiana.
Click here to view Suzanne’s PowerPoint presentation in Google docs.

Kate Pitcher – Learning to Love Federal Documents.
Learn to Love Gov Docs_2022 (PDF document)

Director Hugh Halpern – Keynote Address.
Director Halpern Keynote Address slides (PDF document)

Jamie Dunn & Katie Springer – Swinging into the 1950s! NARA Releases the 1950 Census.
Swinging the Census into the 1950s 5-20-22 (PDF document)

Andrea Morrison – Gateway to U.S. Government Science Information.
(PDF document)

Emily Alford – Sustainable Strides: Efforts and Open Resources toward Environmental Preservation.
Sustainable Strides – GID 2022 (PDF document)