Indiana Light Archive Agreement


This document and the accompanying Indiana Light Archive Collection Stewardship Guidelines document, attached hereto as Exhibit A, and Institution Assuming Responsibility For Collection, Instruction, Reference document attached hereto as Exhibit B together constitute and outline the plan for the Indiana federal depository libraries constituting the Indiana Light Archive for Federal Documents-Indiana State Library, as the U.S. Government Regional Depository Library, Indiana University Bloomington, Purdue University, and University of Notre Dame (hereinafter, “Collection Steward Libraries”)-for an exchange of services that will result in permanent public access to U.S. Government information.


The purpose of this plan is to set forth the terms and conditions under which the Collection Steward Libraries will provide citizens and Indiana’s selective depositories with free public access to U.S. Government information. It is the goal of this plan, and the Collection Steward Libraries, to improve public access and services to U.S. government documents and information.


This plan defines the services and key project parameters to be provided to citizens and selective federal depositories by the Collection Steward Libraries, including:

• Responsibility for maintaining content for public access
• Providing access to public domain information and other content in accordance with U.S. Copyright Law
• Responsibility for providing reference service
• Responsibility for providing document delivery service
• Responsibility for providing professional development and training
• Responsibility for cataloging
• Responsible parties in each institution
• Establishes a mechanism for modifying, extending, or terminating the plan
• Maintaining and keeping a comprehensive collection in the State of Indiana

All FDLP Regional requirements will continue to be followed. Pursuant to 44 U.S.C. § 1912, the Regional Depository Library will continue to retain at least one copy of all U. S. Government publications distributed to the regional depositories by the Government Publishing Office, with the exception of those publications authorized by the Superintendent of Documents, to be discarded. Within the region served, the Regional Depository Library will also continue to provide interlibrary loan, reference service, and assistance for depository libraries in the disposal of unwanted publications. Any SuDoc Number not claimed on Exhibit B of this plan will be collected by the Regional Depository Library.


The Collection Steward Libraries shall:

1. Coordinate, maintain, and further develop collection content for each federal agency for which they assume responsibility.

2. Purchase print and electronic monographic and serial information resources providing substantive information about these agencies, their programs, and officials to enhance user understanding of these agencies historical and contemporary evolution. Each Collection Steward Library may determine what materials it will purchase with regard to this purpose.

3. Provide or ensure the availability of cataloging for these resources so that all Indiana citizens can easily locate and obtain U.S. Government material.

4. Provide document delivery of materials in a timely and effective manner.

5. Provide reference and instructional services for these collections.

6. Conduct regular professional development sessions for Indiana libraries on finding and using U.S. Government information resources. These sessions can be done on-site or virtually.

7. Encourage the seeking of grant funding for individual institutional or consortia resource purchases for collection enhancement, access, and preservation.

8. Follow professionally recognized best practices in collection reservation and user services.

9. Notify the Government Publishing Office (GPO) in the event they can no longer perform their responsibilities in accordance with this plan at least ninety (90) before terminating their responsibilities.


A. Collection Steward Libraries shall notify each other if situations arise that may keep them from carrying out their responsibilities. They may collaborate on finding financial or other solutions to such problems.

B. In the event a Collection Steward Library is unable to fulfill some or all of their obligations, the other Collection Steward Libraries shall be notified to see if any of them can assume those obligations on a temporary or permanent basis. If one steward is unable to fulfill

certain obligations, and no single steward is able to assume those obligations, the obligations may be divided among two or more Collection Steward Libraries. ·

C. Those libraries involved in assuming new stewardship obligations will work out procedures for transferring those materials on a case-“by-case basis.

D. The Regional Depository Library, will retain its status as the holder of last resort for federal depository materials.

E. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any permanent material changes to this plan will be memorialized in writing and acknowledged by all the remaining plan participants.


No funds are to be exchanged between Collection Steward Libraries in connection with the provision of services under this plan.


Whenever any notice or other communication is required under this plan, it shall be sent to the following:

Indiana State Library State Librarian
140 N. Senate Ave Indianapolis, IN 46234 (317) 232-3693

Purdue University Libraries Dean of Libraries
504 West State Street West Lafayette, IN 47907 (765) 494-2900

Herman B. Wells Library Dean of Libraries
Wells Library 250B IUB
Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 855-6924

University of Notre Dame Library Dean of Libraries
Hesburgh Library Rm. 221 Notre Dame, IN 46556 (574) 631-8570

A copy of any notice or communication may also be sent directly to the Collection Steward Libraries’ documents coordinators, a current list of which will be maintained and housed on the website of the Regional Depository Library.


This plan is effective as of the date of the last signature and shall remain in effect in perpetuity. The plan shall be periodically reviewed and revised as needed. Any material, permanent changes to the plan will be memorialized in writing and acknowledged via signature by each of the Collection Steward Libraries.


The Collection Steward Libraries, through their duly authorized representatives, hereby acknowledge they have read and understand the foregoing plan and do, by their respective signatures dated below, agree to the plan terms.