Print Distribution Titles (PDT) List


Please note this information is provided by GPO. To get more information, please visit New Limited Printed Distribution page. As GPO moves to a digital Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), GPO will reduce tangible distribution to Federal depository libraries (FDLs). The number of titles and copies available for print distribution will decrease as GPO works to deliver permanent no-fee public access to digital content for people seeking U.S. Government information. This new, limited print distribution model acknowledges the different print needs and requirements of the National Collection Service Areas (NCSAs). Cost savings on printing, postage, and processing will allow GPO’s Library Services & Content Management (LSCM) to increase investment in digital content management initiatives that serve FDLs and patrons’ Government information needs.


Titles on this list were selected based on a mix of criteria including statutory requirements for the title to be printed, popularly selected serial titles, non-ephemeral maps where the online version lacks sufficient resolution, time-series statistical data, titles of a reference nature, and where the print version is the legally controlling version in some jurisdictions.

Titles on the list are distributed in varying quantities, including an unlimited quantity, 50 copies, and 20 copies.

Unlimited Titles

FDLP quantity will be based on current item selection counts

SuDoc Title Item Number
1 AE 2.111: United States Statutes at Large 0576
2 JU 6.8: United States Reports 0741
3 X 1.1:[Index] Congressional Record (bound – Index) 0993-B
4 XJH:. House Journal 1030-A
5 XJS:. Senate Journal 1047-A
6 Y 1.1/3:[Constitution P] Constitution of the United States, Analysis and Interpretation (Including supplements) 1004-E-01
7 Y 1.2/5: United States Code 0991-A

50-Copy Titles

Fifty copies of the following titles will be distributed, including for each title of the Code of Federal of Regulations.

SuDoc Title Item Number
1 A 1.47: Agricultural Statistics 0001
2 AE 2.106/3: Code of Federal Regulations, Titles 1-501 0572-D-01 — 0572-D-50
3 AE 2.106/3-2: CFR Index and Finding Aids 0572
4 CC 1.12/3: FCC Record 0284
5 D 213.8: Astronomical Almanac (bound volumes) 0394
6 D 213.8/3: Astronomical Phenomena 0396-A
7 D 213.11: Nautical Almanac 0395
8 HE 20.7042/6: Health United States 0483-A-19
9 I 19.165: Minerals Yearbook 0639-J-01
10 J 1.5/4: Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice 0717-C-04
11 JU 9.5/2: U.S. Court of International Trade Reports 0736
12 JU 11.7: Reports [Tax Court] 0742
13 LR 1.8: Decisions and Orders 0826
14 PREX 1.30: Economic Report of the President 0766-C-43
15 PREX 2.8: Budget of the United States Government / Appendix 0853
16 PREX 2.8/5: Analytical Perspectives 0855-B
17 PREX 2.8/13: Budget of the U.S. Government, Major Savings and Reforms 0853-C-03
18 S 1.1: Foreign Relations of the United States 0872-B
19 Y 4.EC 7:EC 7 Economic Indicators 0997
20 Y 4.P 93/1:1 Congressional Directory 0992

20-Copy Titles

Twenty copies of the following titles will be distributed.

SuDoc Title Item Number
1 A 13.28: Maps and Charts 0080-G
2 A 13.28/6: 7.5-Minute Series 0080-G-03
3 A 13.36/2-6: Recreation/Visitors Guides (National Forests and Regions) (RG series) 0086-C-05
4 A 13.182: Forest Atlas of the United States 0084-A-26
5 C 3.62/2: Maps 0146-K-01
6 I 19.91/3: Scientific Investigations Maps (series) 0619-G-35
7 I 29.8: Maps 0651-A
8 I 49.9: Maps and Charts 0612-A-07
9 I 53.11: Maps & Map Folders 0629-B
10 I 53.11/4: BLM 1:100,000 Scale Maps, Surface Management Status 0619-G-16
11 I 53.11/4-2: BLM 1:100,000 Scale Maps, Surface and Minerals Management Status 0619-G-16
12 X 1.1: Congressional Record (bound) (Proceedings and Debate) 0993-A-01
13 X 1.1:[P] Congressional Record (bound – Daily Digest) 0993-B-01
14 Y 1.1/2: Serial Set (bound) 105th Congress and forward 1008-F
15 Y 1.1/3: Senate Documents 0996-A