Games & Activities

The following are a list of available gamers and activities designed for kids to learn about various federal agencies and topics. This guide lists the agencies’ website and type or title of games offered, and should not be considered complete list of available educational games or activities. Some games require use of a specific browser to use. Google Chrome was used to confirm the accessibility of the games.

Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government –
-Place the States
-Quizzes, Crosswords, and Word Searches

Ready.Gov – 
-Disaster Master
-Build a Kit
-Ready 2 Help

U.S. Mint Coin Classrom –
-Peter the Eagle’s Coin Coloring Studio
-G.W. Quarter’s Jigsaw Puzzles
-Making Change
-Fort Knox Frenzy
-Coin Stamper
-Gold Rush
-Counting with Coins
-Coin Memory Match
-Coin Flip
-Math Jam
-Word Quest
-Plinky’s Presidential Challenge
-Map Mania
-Hoop and Darts
-Space Supply
-Peter the Eagle’s Coin Drop
-Textile Tales

SciJinks, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration –
-Grow Snow Crystals
-Hurricane Simulation
-Tornado Simulator
-Precipitation Simulator
-Rainbow Simulator
-Make Lightning a Zap
-Weather Tricktionary

NASA Kids’ Club –
-Flip Time
-Head of the Solar System
-Jumbled Jets
-Airplane High Low
-Why Do We Explore?
-Addition Blast Off
-Space Lunch
-Color NASA
-Put it Together
-Let’s Fly Away
-Search for Spinoffs
-Rocket Builder
-Color Switch-A-Roo
-Window to Earth
Climate Kids

Kids Environment, Kids Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences –

U.S. Census Bureau Games –
-Counting Way
-Memory Game
-Population Bracketology Game
-Statistics in School (Coloring Pages, Quiz Game, and Story Book)

Environmental Protection Agency Games –
-Recycle City Challenge
-Dumptown Game

Spy Kids – CIA,

MyPlate – Kids – Games and Apps,
-MyPlate eBooks
-Breakfast Around the World
-BAM! Dining Decisions