#GovLove and Valentines

Saint Valentine’s Day, Feast of Saint Valentine, or simply Valentine’s Day, February 14th is the annual celebration of friendship, love, and romance……and government information. The federal government offers a surprising amount of fun, interesting, and engaging resources related to a holiday that can be traced back to 1493.

Performance.gov hosts an annual #GovLove Valentines campaign each February that highlights great work happening across government by sending Valentines via social media to partner agencies and programs. This year, the campaign runs from Monday, February 13, through Friday, February 17, 2023. Performance.gov is an online resource that offers transparency into the progress underway to improve performance and accountability to the American public.

The U.S. Census Bureau compiled and created several stats, infographics, and visualizations associated with the holiday. Parents and educators can view the teaching guide for ideas on how to incorporate Valentine’s Day Fun Facts in fun learning. The Department of State also offers classroom activities for intermediate and advanced learners on Valentine’s Day traditions in the U.S. At America’s Library, America’s Story shares the modern history of the holiday in our country.

Less interested in learning and more interested in sharing the love on Valentine’s Day, NASA offers free holiday e-Cards to write and send. Whether learning about the holiday, or engaging in the tradition, the federal government offers a wealth of resources on the holiday of love and friendship.