Depository Library Conference 2023

The Government Publishing Office (GPO) and Depository Library Council (DLC) are hosting their virtual Depository Library Conference (DLC) October 16-18th. Registration is open to attend. The free event is the largest annual gathering of Federal depository librarians and colleagues in the country. Attendees are able to participate in collaborative, informative, and interactive sessions presented by the DLC, GPO, and depository librarians. The conference also serves an excellent opportunity to network with GPO staff and fellow depository librarians across the country.

In addition to the sessions, the conference also features an online poster gallery and exhibitor gallery highlighting various government resources and topics. The conference sessions are also eligible for LEUs. The sessions are all recorded and archived online, so interested attendees do not have to view everything live. GPO is also hosting a preconference session, registration here, happening the week prior on Oct. 12th on updates from GPO’s Library Services & Content Management team. There are lots of upcoming opportunities to learn more about government information and earn LEUs.