Welcome to the New Indiana Federal Documents Website!!!!

Welcome to the Indiana Federal Documents website! Hosted by the Indiana State Library, the Indiana Federal Documents site will provide information and tips for navigating the sea of government information. This site was created to help documents librarians, as well as the general public, in locating, understanding, and utilizing government information. Staff at the Indiana State Library will create blog posts that highlight a specific topic or publication. The purpose of Indiana Federal Documents is raise awareness and understanding of government information.

The website was originally created in 2009, but stopped adding content in 2011. The revamped site includes some posts originally published during that period, but will mostly contain new content. Information found on the webpages will remain mostly static, but links will be checked periodically to ensure they are active. If you discover a new resource or find a broken link, please do not hesitate to contact me. The most recent blog posts will be at the forefront of the homepage, with archived posts found on the right sidebar.

If you have difficulties viewing a webpage, check to make sure your compatibility settings are disabled. You can do so within the settings section of your web browser.