The Indiana State Library is committed to continuing education. Below are archived webinars designed for librarians to learn new information relating to government information. ISL has several more archived webinars on topics beyond government information at the continuing education portal. All webinars are eligible for LEUs.

For anyone interested in more government information themed webinars and webcasts, visit the FDLP Academy.

ISL Archived Webinars:

Government Resources for Children – From Ben’s Guide to Kids in the House, the federal government produces a wealth of resources for teachers, students, and parents. Learn about the various websites, lesson plans, and educational guides that are available from the U.S. government. This session will highlight and provide searching tips to discover free digital resources for educators to utilize. This webinar is hosted in partnership with Indiana’s Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations (INDIGO) to provide continuing education of government information. Presenter: Brent Abercrombie, Indiana State Library.

Preservation for Free – Preserving library collections can seem both daunting and potentially expensive. Yes, hiring a Conservator, purchasing ‘archival’ quality preservation housing materials (like boxes, envelopes, sleeves, and folders), and acquiring all of the equipment necessary for an on-site Conservation Lab are all major investments, but there are also small things everyone can do *for free* to prolong the life of their materials. In this webinar, you’ll learn some tips on how you can aid in the preservation of your collection with minimal or no cost. Presenter: Rebecca Shindel, Conservator, Indiana State Library.

Researching with State and Federal Government Resources – Learn the ins and outs of searching for government information in the Indiana State Library’s collections and on government websites. This webinar is designed to provide an introductory overview for locating current or historical government information. Presenters: Brent Abercrombie and Andrea Glenn, Indiana State Library. Format: Archived YouTube Video.

Government Websites for Kids Webinar 12-4-2015 – This webinar covers some well-known and possibly not so well-known government websites for kids and young adults. Media specialists, children’s librarians, and parents will be able to use this information to share with patrons, kids, and young adults to help them navigate safe websites with useful information, resources, and games. This session introduces federal government Internet sources and how they can be applied to every area of life from consumer safety, education, money management, and more. Presenter: Kimberly Brown-Harden, Indiana State Library.

Government Information Research Basics – This webinar is designed to provide an introductory overview on the scope of Government information, locating Government information, and identify resources for understanding Government information. Presenter: Brent Abercrombie, Indiana State Library.

The Indiana Light Archives for Federal Documents: What, Why, How – This session gives attendees an opportunity to learn about the Indiana Light Archives and how they are used to ensure that Indiana’s Federal documents will be accessible for generations to come. Learn how four depository libraries worked together to accomplish this goal and extend the reach of their Federal documents collections. Presenters: Laura Bayard – Outreach Services Librarian, University of Notre Dame, Kimberly Brown-Harden – Northwest Regional Coordinator, Indiana State Library/Professional Development Office, and Bert Chapman – Government Information, Political Science, & Economics Librarian, Purdue University.