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12.29.11 What makes Iowa GOP's caucuses unique

12.29.11 Treasury to end paper savings bonds

12.27.11 Obama administration to seek $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase

12.21.11 Obama's EPA draws praise, fire over new emission regulations

11.21.11 Aides: 'Super Committee' likely to announce failure to reach debt deal

11.18.11 Secret Service confirms Cain protection

11.18.11 Administration to pare down immigration cases

11.14.11 Super committee: 10 days to deadline and no deal imminent

11.14.11 Protesters call for EPA to protect whistleblowers

11.09.11 Supercommittee Tracker

10.27.11 Homeland chief: Feds won't help Alabama implement immigration law

10.27.11 Last Cold War-era B53 nuclear bomb dismantled in Texas

10.24.11 US, North Korea, seek to restart talks

09.13.11 House crafting CR to prevent government shutdown

09.13.11 Post-9/11, HHS learned how to answer states' needs

08.30.11 FEMA almost out of disaster funds

08.22.11 Gadhafi regime 'crumbling' as rebels battle for Tripoli

08.19.11 Administration says it will conduct case-by-case review on deportation

08.19.11 USPS puts cuts to labor on bargaining table

08.11.11 Debt super committee takes shape. Now what?

08.11.11 Analyst: Wisconsin shows union battle is 'political dynamite'

08.11.11 Statue of Liberty closed for yearlong repairs

08.01.11 White House, congressional leaders reach debt deal

07.26.11 Census cuts could end some surveys

07.26.11 Debt debate cheat sheet

07.14.11 On special assignment: recall confusion: voting in different races on different dates

07.14.11 Debt ceiling talks turn to revenues

07.01.11 Minnesota government shuts down as budget talks stall

07.01.11 Obama chooses new counterterror chief

06.27.11 Arlington records find prompts investigation

06.25.11 New York governor signs same-sex marriage bill into law

06.25.11 House conflicted on Libya campaign

06.16.11 Weiner to resign after sexting scandal, sources say

06.16.11 OMB freezes new .gov websites

06.01.11 US aid to Pakistan muddled and lacks leadership, says report

06.01.11 Illinois civil unions law goes into effect Wednesday

05.27.11 Obama approves extension of expiring Patriot Act provisions

05.13.11 Leader of Libyan opposition group to ask White House for recognition

05.13.11 Study: USDA still plagued by civil rights problems

05.11.11 Gingrich set to announce bid for White House

05.04.11 Sources give new details on bin Laden's death; photo won't be released

05.04.11 Information sharing "instrumental" in bin Laden killing

04.27.11 Obama picks Panetta for Defense, Petraeus for CIA

04.25.11 McCain pushes heavier US involvement in Libya

04.25.11 Report: Transocean contributed to Gulf disaster

04.21.11 DoD to cut more than just weapons systems

04.18.11 Budget debate shifts to raising debt ceiling

04.18.11 LaHood: New rules for air traffic controllers

04.15.11 Military families to be cleared for return to Japan

04.15.11 Congress passes budget deal despite GOP defections

04.12.11 Two gang of six members talk deficit reduction

04.12.11 Cuts and gains: Budget details at a glance

04.09.11 Shut-down averted, six-day CR passed

04.09.11 USPS makes a case for debt relief

02.24.11 Wisconsin protesters call for bigger rally amid budget standoff

02.24.11 Obama administration won't oppose same-sex marriage

01.14.11 JFK library goes digital

01.14.11 Current wars deserve a general ranking with best from WWII, vets say

01.10.11 Lawmakers rethink security after Arizona shooting

01.10.11 Parcel addressed to Napolitano ignites in DC

01.04.11 Obama to sign food safety bill

01.04.11 House GOP to move this week on health care repeal


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