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10.28.09 Hate crimes bill goes to Obama for signature

10.28.09 Tamiflu-resistant swine flu cluster reported in NC

10.16.09 Senate moves to avoid government shutdown

10.16.09 Geithner warns against pulling stimulus too soon

10.16.09 Obama signs $7.5 billion Pakistan aid bill

10.07.09 Inside Washington: Oversight lacking on war costs

10.07.09 Key finance vote to be delayed, sources say

10.05.09 Greenspan predicts economic growth to hit 3% or higher

10.05.09 Gates: Military to adhere to Obama's decision

09.30.09 US speeds Iraq withdrawal; 4,000 more headed home 

09.30.09 Senior US official holds talks in Cuba

09.28.09 Gates: closing Guantanamo prison 'more complicated' 

09.28.09 House OKs 2010 spending for energy-water projects

09.21.09 President Obama to host Israeli-Palestinian talks 

09.21.09 Report: CIA interrogations informed by bad science

09.18.09 FAA says airlines are no longer its 'customers'

09.18.09 King: H1N1 worries increase awareness on college campuses

09.16.09 Key senator to unveil compromise health care proposal 

09.16.09 Bernanke says recession 'very likely over'

09.14.09 Pentagon plans troops to target roadside Afghanistan bombs

09.14.09 Census Bureau severs ties with ACORN in 2010 count

09.02.09 Next phase in Afghanistan may require more troops

09.02.09 Obama might detail what he wants in health care bill

08.31.09 Turning point looms for US in Afghanistan 

08.31.09 Report: US makes $4B from bailout banks

08.26.09 Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy dies after cancer battle

08.26.09 Meltdown 101: Government cash for green appliances

08.24.09 VA workers given millions in bonuses as vets await checks 

08.24.09 Official: White House sets up interrogation unit

08.21.09 Veterans start over as colleges ignore experience

08.21.09 Cash for Clunkers ending

08.19.09 Future of NASA human space flight program in flux

08.19.09 LaHood says car dealers 'will get their money'

08.17.09 Democratic Senator: Public health insurance option dead

08.17.09 Obama to update veterans on Iraq, Afghanistan

08.12.09 Napolitano announces $30M in fed border grants

08.12.09 FDA device chief resigns following complaints

08.10.09 Border police being busted more 

08.10.09 Disruptions drown out debate at health care meetings

08.05.09 'Clunkers' rebates look likely for another month

08.05.09 Poll indicates generational split over health care

08.03.09 Gitmo cases referred to US prosecutors

08.03.09 Geithner: Economy healing, but deficit must go down

07.29.09 Social networks enhance federal career advancement

07.29.09 House Dem leaders: No health care vote as recess nears

07.27.09 Experts debate proposed 'big brother' medical council

07.27.09 Senate warns against concessions on nuclear treaty

07.27.09 **Follow up: HHS clarifies web browser issues with

07.22.09 House scrutinizing how auto dealerships selected for closure

07.22.09 Agencies starting to get innovation itch

07.20.09 Apollo 11 astronauts look beyond moon, toward Mars

07.20.09 Democrats splinter in contentious health care reform debate

07.17.09 No-bid contracts mean higher costs

07.17.09 HHS says only one browser will work on

07.15.09 House lays groundwork for CIA probe

07.15.09 State preparedness plans key for disaster recovery

07.13.09 Confirmation drama and a test for nervous Democrats

07.13.09 Domestic partner benefits: management vs. morals

07.09.09 G-8 leaders have ambitious environmental goals

07.09.09 Stimulus: Is it...stimulating?

07.07.09 Microsoft releases Security Advisory 972890

07.07.09 Panel urges huge increase in outdoor spending

07.02.09 Colorado at center of Fed's solar bull's-eye

07.02.09 Major military operation under way in Afghanistan

07.02.09 White House releases staff salary list

06.30.09 FDA warns websites against marketing fraudulent H1N1 claims

06.30.09 Senators want hearing on Obama's firing of IG

06.25.09 House passes $44B Homeland Security spending bill

06.23.09 Negotiations over health insurance co-ops at impasse

06.23.09 Another window opens on Nixon presidency

06.20.09 Pence introduces Iran resolution supporting dissidents

06.17.09 June 22 is deadline to apply for FEMA Assistance

06.15.09 US called 'deeply troubled' by events in Iran

06.15.09 Pilot training histories may be required

06.09.09 US Secretary of Education calls for honest answers about reforms

05.20.09 Joint Chiefs Chairman lists top priorities

05.19.09 Trek recalls bicycles

04.24.09 Swine Flu Information

04.09.09 Obama announces new record system for vets


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