Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

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For those who are researching U.S. politicians, I always recommend visiting the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. This amazing resource is a must visit for anyone tracking down political papers (primary sources!), or obtaining a quick biography (Wikipedia typically uses this resource). Researchers can search by name, position, state, party, or year/congress. The images below was taken from

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Internal Revenue Services

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It is tax season, and April 15th is just around the corner. The process of filing taxes may be unpleasant or tedious, but it does not have to be overwhelming. While many people have a negative view regarding the Internal Revenue Services, their website,, offers helpful guidance, information, and provides all the required forms needed to file one’s taxes. With

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The Oscars were last week, with the move “the Martian” nominated for a best picture award. The popular movie was about an astronaut surviving on the planet Mars alone. The NASA space program is featured prominently in the movie, and the government agency has actively promoted the movie and provided information regarding how the agency would handle a similar situation.

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Federal Register & Code of Federal Regulations

Fed Registry CFR mashup

The Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations are two resources that are commonly discussed jointly. The reason is that information first published in the Federal Register is later published again in the Code of Federal Regulation. In basic terms, the Federal Register is the daily journal of the U.S. Government. The Federal Register records the agencies’ proposed new rules/regulations,

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American FactFinder

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Have you ever tried to find the population of city? That is a fairly easy task, as a simple search on Google can provide that information. What about finding the age, gender, or ethnicity of a particular population? How about comparing the number of males and females in the workplace of a city? Would you know where to search? The

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Capitol Hearings

U.S. Capitol

With a new year comes another round of congressional hearings and policy-making. Ever wanted to know what goes on in these hearings? At Capitol Hearings, you can listen to daily congressional hearings LIVE on the web. A service provided by C-SPAN, Capitol Hearings includes an upcoming schedule of hearings (next hearing is Tuesday, January 12: Committee on Armed Services), as well

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The Basic Collection

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Within the Federal Depository community, there is a list of titles known as the Basic Collection. These are items that any depository library must provide access to, regardless of the type of library. While many of them are still printed on paper, happily, a lot of them are also available online! Below is a list of items you can find

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How Can Federal Documents Help You?


Federal documents are so much more than Congressional laws and Presidential documents.  The federal government is responsible for publishing information by and about its many agencies, as well as data – both scientific and related to the population.  The following are just a few ways that Fed Docs can aid you in research. Historical Research We have a tremendous historical

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Welcome to the New Indiana Federal Documents Website!!!

ISL Building Sign and FDLP logo-small

Welcome to the Indiana Federal Documents website! Hosted by the Indiana State Library, the Indiana Federal Documents site will provide information and tips for navigating the sea of government information. This site was created to help documents librarians, as well as the general public, in locating, understanding, and utilizing government information.

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